Crack the Egg Wooden Puzzle

Stuka Puka

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How many animals come from an egg? Crack the egg and find out what's hiding inside with this gorgeous eco-friendly wooden puzzle. It features two layers of natural wood and 6 different types of puzzle eggs that encourage the little one to study each one and discover what animals are born straight from it. Beautiful Montessori-inspired learning materials in a unique and fun package!


  • Dimensions: 11” x 14”
  • Materials: Natural plywood | Naturally safe, non-toxic, no lead, no paint, only natural wax-based color
  • Features: 18 elements, base and cover | The base has elastic bands to hold all the pieces in place for storage
  • Professionally crafted in Poland | Translated to English
  • CPSC certified and third-party lab tested
  • This product ships from Washington state, USA
  • *WARNING* Not recommended for children under 3