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Halloween Pumpkin Bucket - Glow In The Dark

Halloween Pumpkin Bucket - Glow In The Dark

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  • What Halloween is REALLY about?

    Who’s got the BEST Halloween bucket.

    The one that’s a show-stopper, moulds to the hand and―most importantly―can comfortably fit all of the good stuff.

    This special, limited-edition pumpkin Halloween bucket is made from 100% silicone (carry handle and all), which means it’s super durable yet conveniently flexible and free from nasties. So no matter what challenges your little one throws at it, their loot is in safe hands. #yay

    But here's the glowing twist: This Halloween Pumpkin Bucket is not just any bucket; it's also glow-in-the-dark! When the lights go out, it adds an extra layer of Halloween magic to your trick or treat adventures.

    And once all the hype has faded and the bottom of your new favourite Halloween bucket resembles nothing but a sticky mess, simply leave it to your dishwasher to return it to mint condition for next year’s trick or treat adventures.

    Because that’s what the entire We Might Be Tiny product lineup is made for: More fun with less mess.

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