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Are you fascinated by space? Would you like to know how many moon landings there have been? And is there a “Polish touch” on it? Puzzle “Over the moon” will answer these and many other questions.
Are there “seas and oceans” on the moon, what are the names of the most famous craters? What does our natural satellite look like “from the inside”?
The two-level puzzle will bring you closer to both the external and internal structure of Mr. Twardowski’s destination 🙂 We have also added a mock-up of a SATURN V rocket so that your crew can make a “soft landing”.

– Dimensions: 24 x 24 cm,
– 14 pieces + frame and cover,
– Thickness of the puzzle: 5 mm,
– Thickness of the base and cover: 3 mm,
– Painted with colorless, odorless varnish with approval for children.