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Poly Long Sleeve Bib Cover (Recycled) - Feather White

Poly Long Sleeve Bib Cover (Recycled) - Feather White

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We've now made our popular bib covers more eco-friendly and functional than before - by using recycled polyester! Learning to eat can be a really messy experience - no matter what you choose - baby-led weaning, spoon feeding, or a combination. This bib is also perfect for fun activities like finger painting or water play. As little ones learn to develop new motor skills, our long sleeve bib cover in our classic Feather White print lets children experience their food and make a mess without ruining their clothes all while still looking cute. These bib tops have a wipeable recycled polyester front that handles spills by keeping the mess where it needs to be.


  • Easy to fasten with velcro
  • Wipeable front made from recycled polyester
  • Catch all pocket to keep messes contained
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