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Puttisu Glitter Nail Polish - G06 Pink Candy Pangpang

Puttisu Glitter Nail Polish - G06 Pink Candy Pangpang

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Introducing Puttisu's "Pink Candy Pangpang" Nail Polish! 🌟 This vibrant, multi-colored sprinkle and hundreds-and-thousands-like glitters make every day a celebration. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or whenever your little one is craving something sweet, this shade is as irresistible as a candy jar! 🍭🌈💅✨

  • 8 mil
  • Water-based, safe ingredients, no toxic chemicals
  • Multi-colored sprinkle and hundreds-and-thousands-like glitters for a festive touch ✨
  • Easy to peel off, just like a sticker 🌟
  • Suitable for kids and expectant mothers 💕
  • Dermatology-tested and approved 👩‍⚕️
  • Produced in South Korea 🇰🇷
  • Key components: 70% water, hydration elements, vitamins, pigments, and more 💧
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